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Miraflor Coffee Cooperativa, Nicaragua

Miraflor Coffee Cooperative
  • Region: Estelí, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
  • Cooperative: Miraflor Cooperativa
  • Varietal: Typica, Caturra, Catuai
  • Processing: Wet-Process, Patio-Dried
  • Soil: Clay loam
  • Located 112 km northwest (2 hours) northwest of Nicaragua’s capital of Managua, in the Jinotega Department, Miraflor is a 206 square kilometer National Preserve. The Miraflor Reserve is cooperatively managed and almost entirely self-funded by associations of small-scale producers. An apex association of over a dozen small farmer cooperatives is involved in community health and education, organic agriculture and diversification of crops and cooperative organic coffee production. Nine communities farm the land up in the reserve and the incredible coffee is grown in the high mountains at 1200 meters (4,000 ft) and above, in places that receive over 3 meters (9+ feet!) of rainfall a year (an ideal climate for nurturing the delicate, high-grown coffee flavor we seek). Because the farmers of Miraflor have their own wet mill within the reserve, they're able to perform the traditional de-pulping and fermentation of the coffee fruit on site, immediately after picking. After drying the freshly washed beans to a nice golden color (oreada), the farmers then take the coffee down to Esteli, for final dry-milling, sorting, screening and bagging. After dry-milling, the very best beans from our farmer partners are brought to the Vega Roastery in Estelí, Nicaragua, where they are hand-sorted and roasted by our team of #FarmerRoasters to show off each coffee’s unique flavor profile, from delicate hints of fruit to robust notes of spice. Their work at every step of the process is a labor of love to deliver the very best #FarmtoCup coffee to you.
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