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Farmer Roasters

Our Team of Coffee Farmer Roasters

The Future of Coffee
is #FarmerRoasted

Meet the farmers who are redefining what it means to be a producer of specialty grade coffee.

Vega is making coffee farmers #beantocup coffee professionals. We couldn't be prouder to introduce you to our incredible teams of coffee farmer roasters.

From Seed to Roasted Bean

Our team of farmer-roasters have trained hours upon hours to learn the intricacies of coffee production -- from selecting beans to roasting to cupping to packaging. Every bag of Vega Coffee is signed by a farmer-roaster and represents the heart and soul that our team put into their work. We encourage you to drop them a note to say hi and let them know what you think of the coffee!

Our mission

Connect the world's coffee farmers with the world's coffee lovers.

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